Rare Used HTML Tags You Really Should Know

Every web developer should use HTML often to display the content and will know HTML tags, but there are some rare HTML tags which is not often used by developers.

  1. <cite> tag: –
    The cite tag takes the selected block of the text or we can say define a citation and display it in italics. It is similar as <blackquote>. It is recommended that use blackquote tag for long citation and the cite tag for short citation.
    Example:  DEMO
  2. <acronym> tag:- acronym tag used to explains acronyms( a word formed from the initial letters of others words). When you hover over text that has the <acronym> tag used having title tag, a box appears below with text from the title tag.
    Example:- This is the Demo.
  3. <address> tag:- The address tag tell a browser that the enclosed text is a contact address. The <address> elements is a block level element, and as such it can contain only inline elements. The address elements is usually address to the header or footer or a web page.

    27, Deep Plaza, Commercial Complex,
    Opp.New Court, Gurgaon-122001,
    Haryana, India
  4. <base> tag:- The base tag used for define the default address or a default target for all links on a page. A very good feature is that when visitor arrives from another site to your site using link, you can use the target attribute of this tag to ensure that your site does not appear inside a frame or window of the previous site. In html <base> tag has no end tag and in XHTML the <base> tag must be properly cloed.

    <base href=”http://www.design2core.com/images/” />
    <base target=”_blank” />
    <img src=”hosting.png” />
    <a href=”www.design2core.com”>design2core</a>
  5. <optgroup> tag:- optgroup used to group together related items in select list(drop down box). The <optgroup> tag is supported in  all major browsers.
    <optgroup label=”web design”>
    <option value=”web”>web</option>
    <option value=”design”>design</option>
    <optgroup label=”web design1″>
    <option value=”web1″>web1</option>
    <option value=”design1″>design1</option>
  6. <abbr> tag:- Abbr tag is used to define abbreviated tag . Just like <acronym> you can define title within the tag. When a visitor visit on website and hover over abbreviated text, the full definition appears below. The <abbr> tag is not support in IE6 or earlier versions.
    Example: The design2coreCompany.
  7. <ins> and <del> tag:- The <ins> and <del> tags are both used for making up changes to a document, changes with in the text. The del tag marks the text to be deleted by striking a horizontal line through the characters. The ins tag designates the text to be added with an underline. Netscape 4 and earlier version and also IE4 and its earlier versions  ignore the tags. All currents populars browsers now support the tags.
    Example:-My favorite website is design design2core.com!
  8. <fieldset> and <legend> tags:- The fielset tag encapsulates a section of form content, creating a group of related from field. This tag draws a box around the related form elements. while the <legend> tag draws a box as well as add a caption to the field set elements.

    My Form



    Date of birth:

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