The end of our desperate search for a Designer (part-2)

Typography is my passion
– Mark Boulton

These were his words, when asked about typeface.

Mark Boulton is a very popular name in design community. He has been in this industry since 1997. He owns a design studio called Mark Boulton Design & did a good job with many big & small organizations like De Standaard, Drupal, ESPN, Coolspotters and British Energy.

There are few strong reasons to suggest Mark’s name to my company, like

  1. Well known graphic designer as I mentioned earlier.
  2. In news website or we can say a site which contains a plethora of content mixed with variety & vitality, typography is the most important design element and mark boulton has 1st class honors degree at Portsmouth University in Typographic Design. So this is also a good reason for choosing Mark over others.
  3. He is very good in grid designing. In a content based website grid designing performs a very important role in arranging content. Mark boulton is also writing a book about Grid designing named Designing Grid Systems for the Web.
  4. We were searching for someone who has experience of designing news website. Mark Boulton has designed some big news websites like De Standaard, Moster & Critics, Garcia Media.

I think these are enough reason for choosing Mark for our site .

The end of our desperate search for a Designer part-1


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