Helpful websites /online tool for web designer and developer

There are many websites and online tools on web that can help designers and developers increase their productivity, speed up your efforts and work in a more efficient manner.

The purpose of this article is to provide a best list of tools which are sure to benefit all Designers and developers.

1. IconFinder

Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way. IconFinder create a collection of free icons for you to use them in your designs. It is definitely easy to find what you’re looking for in seconds.
Link to IconFinder

2. Are My Sites Up

Are My Sites Up? is a web-based application for tracking the up time of web sites and sending notifications when they are down.
Link to Are My Sites Up

3. Scrnshots is a community for designers to share screenshots of interesting and beautiful design. You can upload unlimited screenshots to your account, tag your screenshots for easy retrieval, search screenshots by keywords for inspiration, use the provided links to embed screenshots in your website and many features you will find to be useful.
Link to Scrnshots

4. EmChart

EmChart is a lookup table for converting pixel values to EM values.. Using a relative unit such as EM is a great way to maintain the vertical rhythm of a web page when a user resizes text in their browser. Constantly reaching for a calculator to compute the correct EM value to use every time you need to is also a great way to drive yourself mad. EmChart is very useful for calculating bottom margins, line-heights (which are unitless, but the formula still applies), top margins, and top/bottom padding among other things.
Link to EmChart

5. HTM to PDF

This site is a service to convert webpages or raw html code into PDF documents. Very useful site for web designers and devlopers.
Link to HTM to PDF

6. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

A very useful tool to help you quickly check any site if it’s down for you only or for everyone.
Link to Down For Everyone Or Just Me

7. Websnapshot

WebSnapShot is a full featured ActiveX component to make a snapshot of a web page and save it in JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF image formats.
Link to Websnapshot

8. BgPatterns

Just small useful tool to create patterns. Experiment with pictures, colors, textures and transparency to get best result.
Link to BgPatterns

9. Xenocode Browsers

Xenocode Browsers is a Powerful tool for checking your website in different browsers.
Link to Xenocode Browsers

10. Ajax Load

This is a good web application that will generate animated loading .GIF icons for websites or web applications.
Link to Ajax Load

11. Sprite Generator

A tool for generating image sprites and CSS for your web site. CSS sprites are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests made for image resources referenced by your site. Images are combined into one larger image at defined X and Y coorindates. Having assigned this generated image to relevant page elements the background-position CSS property can then be used to shift the visible area to the required component image.
Link to Sprite Generator

12. Blind Text Generator

This handy tool helps you create dummy text for all your layout needs. The web application also provides dummy text in Cicero, Cicero (English), english letters, english numbers, and symbols, and other forms of dummy text.
Link to Blind Text Generator

13. TypeTester

The Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will be updated.
Link to TypeTester

14. Contact Form Generator

The free Website Contact Form Generator utility enables you to create form-to-email scripts for your ASP, PHP or Perl web site with no programming skills needed. Just follow the steps below to start using your contact form scripts on your website straightaway.
Link to Contact Form Generator

15. CSS Tidy

CSSTidy is an opensource CSS parser and optimiser. It is available as executeable file (available for Windows, Linux and OSX) which can be controlled per command line and as PHP script (both with almost the same functionality). Lots of settings are availables, to ensure you’ll be happy with the results.
Link to CSS Tidy

16. Grid Designer

Generates fixed and scalable grid layouts along with basic reset and typography.
Link to Grid Designer

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