The end of our desperate search for a Designer

An Unexpected Experience

There are so many things in your life that happen without your ever expecting them to. Such an incident also happened with me recently.

A few months back my company (which has given me a chance to allow my fantasies to run wild) started to look for a good web/graphic designer who could redesign their portal. They contacted a lot of digital agencies & freelancers but no luck.

It’s not like that there are no good designers in Delhi. But we couldn’t possibly find one because we have reasons like

  • Many designers were not well equipped with even basic design elements. It’s good to have state-of-the-art knowledge but deep foundation is the key of designing.
  • Site contains a plethora of content mixed with variety & vitality. Also it’s very popular site & every area is important so content management was a real challenge.
  • There are a lot of banner ads in site & even a little wrong placement of content may change the revenue figures. So we really wanted to put our site in to experienced hands.

I also searched personally & talked with some good names in industry but was disappointed.

At the end of the day I had only one option left… …

for more about my only & last hope, wait for my next article 🙂

The end of our desperate search for a Designer Part-2

joginder Poswal


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  1. john Says:

    is it a kinda teaser dude…

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