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Div based layout vs Table based layout

Posted by jposwal on May 13th, 2009 under CSSTags: ,  • 1 Comment

When we start developing a static website we have two options for layouting. One is CSS based layout and another is table based. Lots of beginners have questions that which one is best. In initial phase of my career in many interviews, the interviewer always asked me this question, “What is the difference between CSS […]

Learn CSS Positioning

Posted by jposwal on May 10th, 2009 under CSSTags: ,  • No Comments

The CSS positioning properties allows you to position an element, lets you control how and where a Web browser displays particular elements. This is one of the most confusing concepts in CSS. I can help you understand how positioning works. position:static and position:relative can be both display:block and display:inline, while position:absolute and position:fixed  will always […]

How to use style definitions specifically for specific MSIE versions Using Conditional Comments.

Posted by jposwal on May 8th, 2009 under CSS, XHTMLTags: , ,  • 2 Comments

“Conditional Comments” (CC) are most commonly used to differentiating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rules intended for specific versions of Internet Explorer. Conditional comments are proprietary conditional statements interpreted by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Conditional comments have been available since MSIE 5 Windows and later (Mac IE doesn’t support them.). The most beneficial aspect of conditional comments […]

Are you a beginner in CSS? Some useful tips for you

Posted by jposwal on May 5th, 2009 under CSSTags: ,  • 1 Comment

1. Diffrence between Class and ID’s Both are use for describe content and layout in a web page. Symbol for class selectors is (.) while id selectors is (#). Class: We can use the same class on multiple elements and also multiple class on same element. ID’s: Id’s are unique. It can only be used […]


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