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Best Magazines for Print & Graphic Designers

Posted by jposwal on July 21st, 2009 under Design, Web DesignTags:  • 1 Comment

Every graphic, web or print designer needs creative food for their mind. Information about latest trends, new design studios etc. Graphic design magazines are a key of inspiration. They contain graphic news, current events, new trends, Professionals interviews, everything a graphic designer want. The can really boost your productivity and expand your creativity. Today I […]

The Hunt for Creativity

Posted by gaurav on June 10th, 2009 under Design, Web DesignTags: ,  • 3 Comments

Are you a creative person or going to become one? Chances are then that this article will help… Oh, but before I begin, needed to tell you something. I am Gaurav and this is my first article. This bit may not be too useful to you as compared to others which you would have read […]

Web Designs With Creative and Beautiful Footers

Posted by jposwal on May 5th, 2009 under Web DesignTags: , ,  • 2 Comments

1. 40 Creative Blog Footer Designs 2. 50 Excellent Blog Footer Designs 3. 53 Creative Website Footers For Inspiration! 4. 19 Gorgeous Website Footers 5. 25 Impressive Blog Footers 6. Modern Sitemap and Footer 7. Footers In Modern Web Design: Creative Examples and Ideas 8. 40 + Nice and Creative Website Footer Designs 9. Another […]


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