Search engine optimization (SEO) Tips and tricks

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving and increasing volume or quality of traffic to a website. We can also call it technical term of web marketing. For a web designer its a plus point if he create a website which is SEO friendly.

There are several method about SEO. I am writing some of the basic SEO tips.

  1. Content is king : Search engines mainly understand text. On the Internet content is king. All others things on web page like flash animation, graphics doesn’t matter for search engines. You must have good quantity and quality of Content. People will like your site more if they get the best content from your website, information for which they come on your website.
  2. Back links: Backlinks are the link from other websites to your website and they are also called as Inbound links. This is great if you have number of backlinks on your website but it matter what type of sites are link to your website. Reputation of the websites that link to your website is more important than their number. Google now will place a filter on your website to prevent it from ranking well if it finds that you have too many irrelevant backlinks. Google has to do this now because too many people use “blackhat” tricks to help them rank high and manipulate the system. Backlinks are very useful to generate traffic. Google rank webpages in their index according to the amount of backlinks they have.
  3. Keywords: Keywords are an important part of SEO. they are what search strings are matched against. So we can say that it is very important why you should optimize your site for the right keywords and use at right place. Keywords in title tag should not be more than 10-60 character. Also keywords in meta tag should not exceed more than 200 character. Google no longer relies upon this tag but will often use it. Keywords in keyword meta are less than 10 word ans also every word in this tag must appear somewhere in the body text, and no single word appears more than twice, if not it may be considered spam.
  4. Site age: Site age is factor for Google ranking algorithms because old and established web sites is looked upon by search engines as more genuine and reliable site and new pages indexed easily.
  5. Page Rank: Page Rank is a numerical value which represents the popularity of a website based on number and quality of links to you. You can improve you page rank by link building for high ranked websites also you can create some of your own back-links by linking to relevant pages within your own website. The best way to increase your page rank is to have quality content that other people want to link. Also by submit your link on popular directories like DMOZ, yahoo, etc.

Some others technique are like:
i) Don’t change your important content too frequently. Its bad for indexing.

ii) Text repressed graphically is invisible to search engines so use only text for your important content.

iii) If you are using JavaScript, Ajax for some kind of interactive effect than kits ok, but if you are using this for   displaying your main content then its more difficult for spiders to follow the content and also JavaScript code is a mess and spiders can’t follow it. This will hurt your page ranking.

iv) If possible don’t use frame in your website. Frames are very bad for SEO because when a search engine crawl Frameset page it has a difficult time knowing how to categories document in a frame set. Also these are not accessible.

v) Don’t use a common title tag for all pages. Every page on your website should have a unique title tag with the target keyword in it.

vi) Always describe your image in the alt attribute. The alt attribute is describing your image to a blind user. Also search engine can’t see image so alt attribute is use there you can use it for your keyword also.

Joginder Poswal

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