The Toyota Prius Cars That Drive Themselves – Google’s New Project

Posted by jposwal on October 10th, 2010 under OthersTags: , , ,  • 2 Comments

Google announced today that it has developed cars that drive themselves automatically in traffic and it has successfully road-tested them. The cars drove all over California, including heavily trafficked Hollywood Boulevard and San Francisco’s Lombard Street, known for its tight zig-zag turns, according to the Google blog. As google “Our automated cars use video cameras, […]

How to Use New Indian Rupee Symbol(WebRupee) on your Webpage or Blog

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On July 15, 2010 the union cabinet has approved the new symbol for the Indian Rupee. Now our currency rupee got its own symbol which give it a unique identity; designed by D. Udayan Kumar, Post-graduated by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Government announced that it will take about 2 year to make it available […]

Free Icon Resource

Posted by jposwal on April 27th, 2010 under Design, Web DesignTags: , ,  • No Comments

Icons play a important role in a website or application. There are thousands of free Icons available which is very good but it can be hard to find the Icon Sets suitable for use in web design I compiled a list of websites giving free icon sets either for personal or commercial use. Iconfinder Iconfinder […]

The Gift

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The Gift Cecelia Ahern I had simply fallen in love with PS, I Love you when I saw the movie. Later on I came to know that it is based on a novel. I went out that day only and bought the novel. The novel was way better than the movie. Since that day I […]

The end of our desperate search for a Designer (part-2)

Posted by jposwal on March 31st, 2010 under Design, Web Design, Web StandardTags: ,  • 1 Comment

“Typography is my passion” – Mark Boulton These were his words, when asked about typeface. Mark Boulton is a very popular name in design community. He has been in this industry since 1997. He owns a design studio called Mark Boulton Design & did a good job with many big & small organizations like De […]

Twitter Changed Home Page Design

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Twitter changed the home page design again. The new new version of its homepage is very cleaner, sleek and features trending topics by the minute, shows trending topics, popular users and more. In new version search functionality is place on front and center of the header with bigger size. Now search is more visible and […]

File Transfer Feature in Gmail Chat: Coming Soon

Posted by jposwal on March 30th, 2010 under googleTags: ,  • 1 Comment

Google announced a small but useful update to the chat feature in iGoogle and Orkut, Google’s social network. they’ve announced new file transfer capabilities in iGoogle and orkut. VW6N2XGJW3SS To give it a try, just click Send a file… in the Actions menu while chatting with a friend. You can now use the chat feature […]

The end of our desperate search for a Designer

Posted by jposwal on March 26th, 2010 under Web DesignTags:  • 2 Comments

An Unexpected Experience There are so many things in your life that happen without your ever expecting them to. Such an incident also happened with me recently. A few months back my company (which has given me a chance to allow my fantasies to run wild) started to look for a good web/graphic designer who […]

Paths of Glory

Posted by jposwal on March 22nd, 2010 under Books Reviews, OthersTags: ,  • No Comments

Paths of Glory Jeffery Archer Another great book by the great storyteller. By the time I hadn’t read any of his books, calling him the Best Contemporary English writer seemed like a overstatement, but since the day I got hooked to his writing, This title seems like a understatement. He is one of the best […]

To Cut a Long Story Short

Posted by jposwal on March 19th, 2010 under Books ReviewsTags: , ,  • No Comments

To Cut a Long Story Short by Jeffrey Archer I have always been a fan of short stories, be it by Sir Doyle, Munshi Premchand or Archer. The best part about short stories is that you can finish one or two stories in just under an hour and then move on with your work. Whereas […]


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