LinkedIn works with Twitter and vice versa (Status Share)

LinkedIn and Twitter have announced a partnership deal on 10th November whereby new features that they think are going to make both Twitter and LinkedIn more powerful for it’s users.

LinkedIn and business focused social network Twitter have signed a new deal that will allow users of both services to cross post status messages.

“The idea is simple: When you set your status on LinkedIn you can now tweet it as well, amplifying it to your followers and real-time search services like Twitter Search and Bing. And when you tweet, you can send that message to your LinkedIn connections as well, from any Twitter service or tool.”

The following short video has Biz Stone and Reid Hoffman describing the new integration.

To get started, click the checkbox next to the Twitter icon next to your LinkedIn status area. You will automatically asked to allow LinkedIn to access your Twitter information. You can always update that information by clicking on the down arrow next to the Twitter icon. They also give you the ability to list multiple Twitter accounts if that makes sense for you.

On Twitter

As a professional online and in the real world, you’ll often find articles or think of ideas that would be useful to share with your Twitter followers and your LinkedIn connections. It’s about sparking interesting conversations. Now you can share from anywhere. As part of the setup process, you can choose to either send all your tweets or select tweets from Twitter back to LinkedIn as a status update.

Link your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts today to add a new dimension to your professional conversation.

You can get more information about this fron here:

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