To Cut a Long Story Short

To Cut a Long Story Short
by Jeffrey Archer

I have always been a fan of short stories, be it by Sir Doyle, Munshi Premchand or Archer. The best part about short stories is that you can finish one or two stories in just under an hour and then move on with your work. Whereas in a mystery novel, you cant rest till you have read it from cover to cover.blink

After reading Cat O’Nine Tales and A Quiver Full of Arrows by Archer, I was looking forward to read more short stories by him. To cut a long story short is a collection of some very nice short stories by Archer. This book starts with an intriguing account that some of the short stories are based on true accounts. Everyone would have their own favourites in this collection which ranges from Love at first sight to a confidence trick to an art theft. My favourite would always remain the last story ‘The grass is always greener…’ as it presents the true state of life. We always crave for something that we don’t have and think that the person on the other would have. This way we never enjoy what we actually have.

The only complaint that I have with short stories is that by the time, I felt that I was really intrigued by a story, it ended. And I didn’t like that. The best part about these short stories is that these all had a surprise ending and a twist in the tale.

I also like to mention here that some of the stories were not upto Archer’s Mark and standard. So were a disappointment of sorts. But then everybody has separate tastes and likings. Hope you all people out there would like this book.

On a scale of 1-5, I would give this one a rating of 3.

Sakshi Kohli

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