The Gift

The Gift
Cecelia Ahern
blinkI had simply fallen in love with PS, I Love you when I saw the movie. Later on I came to know that it is based on a novel. I went out that day only and bought the novel. The novel was way better than the movie. Since that day I had looking forward to read more novels by Ahern. So came ‘The Gift’ in picture.

The story in ‘The Gift’ starts with a boy who throws a semi-frozen turkey through a window and gets arrested for it. At the Detention centre, a policeman tells him the story of a workaholic man named Lou. He is an extremely busy man and his inability to make time for his family in his schedule is a sensitive issue with his wife and relatives. Then one day he meets a homeless man, Gabe in front of his office. He gives Gabe a job in office and thus invite him in his life. What happens then is an interesting read. Lou really messed things up but he is a pretty normal kind of guy. Someone we all can relate to.

There are a lot of stories in this book, but they are all so nicely interwoven that it keeps you hooked, Lou’s story being the one holding all stories together. I learnt a few lessons from the book. The past is gone, we do not know what would happen in future. We only have the present to ourselves. It is a gift given to us by god, that is why it is called PRESENT. Though we all are very busy but we have to take time out and spend some quality moments with our loved ones.

I recommend this book to all looking for a light read but don’t mind if some lessons are also included in the same.

Overall this book gets a rating of 3 on a scale of 1-5.

Sakshi Kohli

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