Design2core formed in 2005 developed and authored by Joginder Poswal & Gaurav Sharma.

We are a bunch of creative geeks with

We’re a team of user experience professionals specializing in user-centred design, user Interface, Information Architecture, Graphic Design and Mobile website design service.

With over 6 year of experience behind us we can work on any kind of web project. Our passion for the web drives our creativity and we are fortunate enough to chase our dreams here on a daily basis.

The very best way to contact us is to use our contact form. It’s rare we won’t get back to you within a few hours, often even minutes. If you need to talk to us, get in touch, and we’ll get right back to you.

The team

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This blog is developed and authored by Joginder Poswal a Web Master and the founder of design2core.com. He is specifically focusing on the use of (X)HTML and CSS to streamline development and improve accessibility. Most articles on this Blog are related to web standards, accessibility, browser compatibility, or usability in one way or another, with the occasional article on other subjects.


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